Decluttering Advice

Check our tips for a less stressful decluttering experience with great results aim if you choose to do it yourself. If not, check our decluttering service!

Simply, those objects you are not going to be using any more, and which home buyers may find irrelevant and a waste of space. When you’re planning to sell your home and moving out, clutter really is your enemy

If you procrastinate you might never do it. You will now have to start dealing with it, and you’ll be glad you did!

Pick a room at a time to declutter. Don’t move to the next room until the room you started in is completely finished. Otherwise you’ll be chasing your tail around and getting nowhere.

Keep your momentum up, remember that you have a deadline to have everything ready by the time your movers arrive.

You’re going to see the goods again when you move into your new home or you might never use them again. Anything that you can do without for the time being should get boxed up ready for us to take away.

If you decide that some items need to be disposed of, let us know now. We’ll give you a quote for this and make sure we come prepared when we collect the rest of the items. Now really is the best time to throw away that old sofa that’s seen better days!


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